Before You Sell iPhone

Do you want to sell iPhone? Then there are things that you should do before you pass it down or sell it to ensure your safety. Today, if personal information gets into the wrong hands it can be used against you or your loved ones. Therefore, you need to be sure that you are selling your used iPhone in the safest way possible.

Backup your data

It is important that you backup the data in your old iPhone so that you can easily access it when you buy a new iPhone to know more information about old iPhone watch our youtube. Having accessible, real backup is also important in case something goes wrong in your online backup. Generally, you should back your data using a local system and an online system. This way, you will be assured of getting access to your data once you buy a new device.


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Save contacts

You want to have the contact of friends, loved ones, associates and other people that you always communicate with using your iPhone. It is therefore important that you backup the contacts in your phone before you sell it. You can use online options like iCloud to backup your contacts. It is also important that you have a real card with your contact, just to be safer.

Delete photos

Generally, you should delete all photos in your iPhone before you sell it. This is very important because it enables you to clear out traces that can be used against you. Therefore, sell iPhone when certain that you have cleared all photos including albums.

Delete Apps

After deleting photos, which are some of personal stuffs found in iPhones, clear out the apps too. Perhaps, you might be wondering, why should you delete apps when you can clear them with a simple reset? Deleting apps is important because it enables you to be extra cautious. When you delete apps, you clear even the caches that are associated with them. This way, you delete traces of personal information or login that the apps can store in iPhones.

Sign out from the apps

You can disable iCloud-related features in the iPhone by signing out of Apple ID account. When you do this, you temporarily disable iMessage and FaceTime. However, it is recommended that you take time to check each separately.

Disable restriction codes or All Passcodes

You can reset everything with a general reset. This includes passcodes. However, you may want to ensure that all restrictions are disabled too. Simply go to the settings, and then general restrictions then disable them. You will have to enter a restriction code to do that.

General reset

A general reset erases settings and content. By doing the above, the iPhone will be looking like it has been reset already. However, remember that the Wi-Fi passwords are still in the phone. The phone might also be storing APN profiles and personal information that includes the name of the iPhone. Therefore, do not ignore a general reset because this will clear them out. Nevertheless, a general reset should be the last thing to do before you sell iPhone.

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